So a few weeks ago I moved into my own apartment (before and after photos to come) and earlier this week I moved the boys — Chico and Henry. Chico adapted very well and quite quickly, as he didn’t really leave his immediate home (aka cage). Henry on the other hand, didn’t know what to think. First of all, I shoved him into a medium-sized carrier. My sister’s cat is more than willing to go into the carrier — in fact she loves small spaces and going under covers… not Henry. He started tossing his weight around the carrier which made it extremely difficult to carry smoothly.

When we finally got inside, Henry went slinking off into the bedroom, and was momentarily stunned to see my bed there. As you may recall, he’s been quite fine at my parent’s house with the empty bedroom, and I was hoping he’d be okay with a new surroundings with all the same interior stuff… He liked hiding under the bed though.


Also, my box springs are actually sliced down the middle because they’re for a double bed and wouldn’t fit around the corner of the stairs in my parent’s house. So my dad cut the frame almost in half, so that it could bend to get around the corner. With the box springs cut down the middle, the cheese-cloth stuff on the back was left open. Soon Henry found a new exciting toy (aka hiding place).



But those photos are from a couple days ago and he’s adjusting fine now. He still likes the bedroom best, but he’s always liked my bedroom best (even at my parent’s house). And don’t worry — his appetite is normal and he’s using his box. He’s back to being his normal snuggly self!