Henry has always known Chico — I’ve had Chico for approximately 9 years, and Henry is only 3. It’s odd to think about that because of how much larger Henry is!


When Henry was a kitten he would jump up on top of Chico’s cage out of curiousity, but after a few good hollerings, he learned not to. But he still loves to say hello to Chico, and beg for Chico’s treats, through the cage. Henry really just likes to watch everything that is going on (he does it with my parents too — sits on the kitchen chairs so he can see everything).


Lately though I’ve let them both on the bed together… and I either hold one or the other just to be safe. So if Henry swipes at Chico, or Chico bites Henry, I can remove one of them easily (usually I’m holding Chico).


NOTE: For anyone with felines and small rodents… do not try this at home unless you totally know your cat’s disposition! Henry is definitely not a hunter, now my sister’s kitten, Sassafrass, I wouldn’t let her near Chico in a heartbeat.