oohcha1A couple weeks ago I arranged a tea tasting and food pairing at Ooh Cha Teahouse. Karen Duffield, the owner, treated us to a spectacular display.

I am sad to say that within the last week, Karen has shut her doors at this lovely little teahouse due to the economic situation. She will be maintaining Ooh Cha as an online tea store, but I do hope that Karen will be able to have a bricks and morter location again soon!

So I would like to share the experience of our tea tasting with you, in memory of the lovely little Ooh Cha Teahouse! The tea tasting include the following teas:

  • Lapsang Souchong (smokey tea)
  • Assam (high grade black tea)
  • Balzac Black (black Oolong)
  • Matcha (ground powdered tea)
  • Mate Chai (Chai tea)
  • Ayurvedic Cleansing Tea

These were all paired with a sample of the food that best suited the tea and some information on each tea and the qualities it has.

Here are some photos from the lovely meetup we had:

Karen Duffield, in her shop (formerly located at 63 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC)

Our group of seven. Relax. Laugh.

Goat cheese paired with Lapsang Souchong

Assam tea (standard black tea) – comparing the brewed leaves, to the dry leaves, to the colour of the tea.

Serving each other Oolong tea

Matcha ceremony

Lovely green matcha colouring

Herbal cleansing tea paired with fresh fruit!

Before we began, Carol from ChaChaCha teablog asked permission to film some of the tea tasting for her blog. She posted this great video on YouTube and her blog. Click over to see a video of our Matcha ceremony.


Things to watch for: You can see my turquoise sleeve on the side of the video; You can hear the click of my camera at points; Chelle, Kerry Ann, and I joking about bamboo yarn.