declutter-spring-challenge09I’ve decided to extend the Spring Cleaning Challenge to June 1st because it just isn’t Spring yet! I haven’t gotten into the Spring Cleaning mode yet, and from the sounds of it around the blogosphere, no one is really experiencing a full Spring yet.

Also, I’ve fixed the button — a number of people were experiencing issues with it and it was technical and all my fault, my apologies. It should work now!

And on a third note, I will be moving sometime in April/May so hopefully that will kick my butt in gear for Spring Cleaning! Any tips / suggestions for moving for the first time would be much appreciated!

Lastly, the Declutter Challenge Blog is a little nakie, I would love to get some hints and tips published from people around the blogosphere (and will credit you with a link) so if you have anything you’d like to share, please comment or email me! Thanks!