Dear Weather, please make up your mind… and it better be the right decision (or else!)

Earlier this week, it snowed, which always makes the North Shore mountains look gorgeous because the tree tops are dusted with snow.


Then near the end of the week it was all gorgeous and sunny, and the adorable crocuses came out.



And now it’s raining! Common for Vancouver / the West Coast, and I’m not particularly bothered, but still!

My own personal indecision had to do with tea today… so not a very big weight on my shoulders! I tried white tea for the first time and thought it was a lovely, delicate taste. It didn’t need sugar (and doesn’t take milk), and it would be a nice refreshing summer tea – hot or cold! Here is a photo at the inaugural meetup — we actually held two simultaneously because there was so much interest!

Too many choices! Blue = herbal infusions, red = Rooibus & fruit infusions, green = Green tea, yellow = White tea, brown = Black teas (including infusions), not shown is grey = Oolong tea.

Cherry Blossom (Premium II White Tea): White and green tea blended with cherry, orange, rose, and jasmine blossoms for a smooth finish.