Although I’m starting to get so frustrated with apartment hunting, and so nervous and worried about money… I have to say, I love living in Vancouver. I’m still trying to find an apartment in Vancouver proper (as opposed to Greater Vancouver cities such as Burnaby and Richmond) just because I want an easy commute to work and school. However, here are a few photos I managed to snap over the past month or so that make me smile and love living here.

The view of the mountains (Grouse here if I’m not mistaken) above the fog we had several weeks ago.

RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) on horseback downtown. They ride in the road with the cars!

The Gastown Steamclock at night. While Gastown isn’t the nicest area to be at night (due to proximity to the poorer area of town), I do love the lamp-lined streets and the steam clock chimes!

This is a knitted/crocheted blanket bus that have been going around town. It is part of an arts project to raise awareness. The campaign is called “A Bright Future” and the knitted buses are one of four public art commissions around Vancouver. More information at the Instant Coffee (88 Blocks*Art on Main) website.

Here are the other 3 patterns on the bus.

Mom and I went for a winter walk along Kitsilano beach a few weeks ago. My nose nearly fell off and my ears started to hurt from the cold.

Last week mom and I also went to the Art Institute Culinary Arts Restaurant. It’s their final project — running the restaurant. It’s great food (usually) and less expensive than a high-end restaurant because they aren’t bonafide chefs yet. This is the chocolate mouse we shared for dessert.