On Wednesday night, my dad came up the stairs and said, “There’s a box for you. It was sitting on the porch.” And I started chanting, “my cocoa swap is here! my cocoa swap is here!” as I ran around my room trying to find the scissors (for the packing tape). My dad stood patiently and waited because he loves seeing what comes in the mail for me. He always wants to know what books I’m getting for review, etc. etc.



Look how spoiled I was!! Thank you so very much Penny!!

cocoa-pkg4My Blah Buster Buddy is Shirl the Sheep. She is on the top right hand side, dressed in her winter gear (including coat, hat, and leg-warmers). Her summer shawl is over the cocoa (Second Cup Mint Chocolate) on the left! Before I read the letter and was informed that it was a summer shawl, dad and I tried it on Henry as a ‘kerchief. He was NOT impressed.

The books are Knitting Calendar 2009, which is pretty awesome! I think I might submit something for the 2010 Calendar. And the other book is Hot Chocolate recipes! Those Clodhoppers are already gone (my dad had half the bag after watching me open the package). The yarn…. SO GORGEOUS! It is 100% baby alpaca. It’s Mirasol (which I love and have a few skeins lurking around waiting to be something gorgeous). Have I ever told you Henry loves 100% wool, alpaca, and llama? Here he is accosting my yarn before I took it away!


cocoa-pkg5Oh and Penny is an Avon representative and she sent some hand cream and these drop-dead-gorgeous earrings! I wore them to work and got a compliment from my coworker! She asked if I made them (because the earrings I had worn the day before I had made).

The knitting accessory included were samples of Euclan wool/knit wash. I’ve never used Euclan, but the samples smells really nice so I think I might try it on some of my delicates (maybe not even my hand-knits) just to have the scents!

Thank you SO VERY MUCH Penny!!! This is probably the most thoughtful Swap Package I’ve ever received!! I truly am spoiled!!