I realized that for most of my Whiskers on Wednesday posts, and my general Henry posts… I usually let the photos tell the story and I just commentate. I decided that I need to mix things up a bit, give you a photo, and tell you a story.


I’d like to tell you about my SnuggleBug, his many nicknames, and how he fits them. He is one of the most affectionate cats I have ever known. Not just a jump-in-your-lap pet me kind of cat, he doesn’t really do that. However, he loves to be carried around, talked to, and kissed. Since he was little, he’s loved being carried over my left shoulder. He can see up and out, he can chew on my pony tail, and he can give me kisses (mouth, nose, ears, eyes, etc.)

henry_counter2He loves sitting at the bar stools in the kitchen and watching you make food. I usually talk to him when I’m in the kitchen, but my mom doesn’t which causes Henry to meow incessently at her. He is quite vocal! I think he just likes talking to us. I often have a (rather one-sided) conversation with him and me meows back at me. It’s very cute.

His full name is Sir Henry McSquishington Fluffybutt Miller. I also call him Precious, LoveBug, “Hey Babe” when he walks into a room, SweetiePie, HunnyBunch, Pookie, LoveMonkey, Squishy, BabyCakes, and other equally gag-worthy names. It’s odd, my boyfriend and I don’t really do nicknames because they sound a bit fake, but with Henry it just feels natural. I guess it’s like a baby that never grows up and talks back! Haha!

Now to explain his full name, he is quite the little prince, so I had to put some sort of royal “title” in there. The McSquishington is to work in his nickname “Squishy” and a nod to our Scottish heritage. While I don’t ever really call Henry “Fluffy”, he has the fluffiest butt, and the fur is a slightly different texture than the rest of his fur; it’s almost thicker, and actually kind of sticks out. It’s hilarious! Oh and Miller is our last name. I wish I could work “ToeFur” somewhere into his name… it’s absolutely brilliant and I love it, but Henry hates when I play with it!

His regular spot at the kitchen island (away from the food unlike the other photos)