I delivered my spoilee’s cocoa package on Saturday… and so I can finally share photos of the Blah Buster Buddy I made. Unfortunately Chelle is feeling very under the weather so I don’t expect she’s blogged about the package yet… but keep your eyes peeled. I had so much fun spoiling her because I know her IRL! It was sooo hard to keep it a secret and I ended up having to gush to other knitters we both know! Hahha. Thanks for keeping the secret safe Julia & Kerry Ann!

Anyway, here are some photos I took of Mini-Maylee before she went to live with Chelle (and the real Maylee)! [Ravelry Project Page]

Maylee found the box [Saturday] night around 11 pm when I was taking her out for her last reliefing of the day. I love everything and Mini-Maylee… Maylee licked Mini on the face a few times it was sooo cute.