1. I’m tired, I’m indecisive, I am having second thoughts.
  2. Why do I have to wake up and not just sleep in.
  3. How does this Twitter thing work, anyway? (Or more importantly, what’s the point of it!?)
  4. Every morning, I put my phone in my pocket.
  5. I consider myself lucky because I have parents who will/can support me.
  6. One day we’ll see THE WORLD. (Yes, I have a Bucket List!)
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to doing absolutely nothing, tomorrow my plans include class in the morning(ugh!), but it’s Adobe InDesign(yay!) and Sunday, I want to enjoy a cuppa tea at the inaugural T.E.A. meetup!

Last night was the final class of “The Publishing Landscape: Who, What, Where, When“. Our instructor, Mary Schendlinger of Geist Magazine (a local literary magazine), was extremely knowledgable, talented, friendly, humour, and honest. For our final project we had to come up with an imaginary Publishing Project (something in print) and predict all forseeable expenses and revenue. I did a Knitting Booklet, with 8 patterns and 20 pages, retail $12 and PDF $9.

In the project I printing 100 copies and made them available at LYS’s (Local Yarn Stores) as well as for mail-order off my website Monnibo Designs. However, during my “market research” on Ravelry (forum topics here and here), I discovered that many people wouldn’t buy a booklet with 8 patterns if they only wanted one. A few people suggested that I offer the patterns individually for $2-$3 each. While it wasn’t plausible to include this in my project, I think that this might be the way for me to go IRL (in real life).

Any input from blog-visitors who are also knitters would be helpful! If I offered a booklet of 8 patterns for $9, but also individual patterns for say, $3 each… would you purchase them? Or are you more likely to go for free patterns / well-known designers first?