1. Please don’t tell anyone how self-conscious I am about my appearance (body-type).
  2. Can you think properly in the morning?
  3. The color turquoise makes me want to jump up and down!
  4. I have a craving for kisses from someone 3,000 km away… *sigh*.
  5. If my life had a pause button, I’d pause it in February last year when we were living in Greater London, together.
  6. Eyes are the “windows to the soul” BLEH. Actually, eyes are gorgeous and glittery and full of emotion.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to finally finishing my e-portfolio, tomorrow my plans include scoping out a new haunt for Sunday VKM knitting and Sunday, I want to be productive for Day 3 of my 4-day weekend and hopefully finish my Cooca package!

Last weekend during Superbowl, this is what I started knitting. I like the picture but I don’t like how the scarf is constructed… so I’m just kinda winging it! So far we’re just plodding along.

Acocoabuddy_tease2nd here is another lovely tease of the Blah Buster Buddy… I won’t be able to reveal the finished product until I’m sure that it has been received by my downstream partner!

Speaking of the Cocoa Swap… I still need to go buy mini marshmallows to do the next contest! Fortunately I have until the 14th.