This week was all about the different types of posts we write: links, reviews, how-to’s, long, short, etc. Now, I admit to being a one-topic-per-post kinda gal. That’s just the way I like things — organized and slightly obsessive. I’d rather do three small posts over the span of two days then mash all the topics into one post. I find that people spend less and less time actually reading on the internet and just skimming. Therefore, I feel that shorter posts, straight-to-the-point topics, and smaller paragraphs lend well to the skimming style.

Kim posted several links about types of blog posts; some boiled the points down to just five styles, others detailed as many as 20 types of posts. Kim made a list of 10 for “Blog Post Bingo” for the Blog Improvement Project this week. We were to try to post as many different types of blog posts in an effort to mix up our styles and see if anything new worked well for us. Surprisingly, I managed to do a few of these without realizing it.

  1. A Link PostI wrapped up the Throw Away 50 Things challenge…. on the Declutter Blog! (does that count?)
  2. A Short PostJust sharing a blog post that Dewey’s husband wrote
  3. A List PostAn unconventional list
  4. An Opinion PostWith only one year to go, I shared my thoughts on the 2010 Olympics
  5. A Poll or Question Post – Damn! wait just a couple more weeks and I have a reeeally good one planned!
  6. A How-To Post – Mmm not really what I tend to do. I sort of explain how I’ve done things myself…
  7. A Long PostMy thank-you post to Penny, my Cocoa Swap Pal!
  8. A Review PostI read and reviewed a book, Y in the Shadows
  9. A Definition PostI wrote about Freedom to Read Week! I think this counts because I blogged about the topic (and defined it).
  10. FREE SPACE – I would have to say just a photo post, such as my Valentines one, or my Henry post!

So that’s 8/10 posts. I’m not going to rush to do a How-To or Poll/Question post because with things like that, I’d like to have something to actually post/talk about rather than just doing it for the sake of posting. You know what I mean? I think I already have a good mix of posts, but it’s always neat to be more aware of what you’re putting out there!