I’ve been working on getting the blog “out there”… and I am shocked and just how many damn social networking sites are out there! I transferred my blog from Feedburner to Feedburner-owned-by-Google, and included a little “readers” button… now I think it’s broken because sometimes it says 24, and othertimes it says 56. I hope it’s 56! I also added a plug-in for the blog called Social Bookmarking Reloaded and they have so many options for sites to “share with”. I only selected the ones I knew, but holy crap, look at this list!

Del.icio.us Del.icio.us   | digg digg   | FURL FURL   | reddit reddit   | Technorati Technorati  | Newsvine Newsvine   | Ma.gnolia Ma.gnolia   | Google Bookmarks Google Bookmarks   | Squidoo Squidoo   | Netvouz Netvouz   | Blogmarks Blogmarks   | Scuttle Scuttle   | Tailrank Tailrank   | OKnotizie OKnotizie   | Bookmark.it Bookmark.it   | Linkagogo Linkagogo   | Socialdust Socialdust   | SlashDot SlashDot   | Diggita Diggita   | FaceBook FaceBook   | Wikio Wikio |   Barrapunto Barrapunto   | Kipapa Kipapa   | Blogmemes Blogmemes   | Blogsvine Blogsvine | Scoopeo Scoopeo  | ZicZac ZicZac  | IndianPad IndianPad  | Technotizie Technotizie   | Diggitsport Diggitsport  | Leonaut Leonaut | Tipd Tipd  | blinklist blinklist   | Feed Me Links Feed Me Links  | Yahoo My Web Yahoo My Web  | Socializer Socializer  | Stumble Upon Stumble Upon  | RawSugar RawSugar  | BlinkBits BlinkBits  | Rojo Rojo  | Co.mments Co.mments  | Bloglines Bloglines  | Segnalo Segnalo  | Netscape Netscape  | Ask Ask  | Delirious Delirious  | Live-MSN Live-MSN  | Sphinn Sphinn  | Seotribu Seotribu  | Upnews Upnews  | Health Ranker Health Ranker  | NotizieFlash NotizieFlash | Fai informazione Fai informazione  | BlogSphere News BlogSphere News  | Mixx Mixx  | MySpace MySpace  | Plimsocial Plimsocial  | Twitter Twitter  | BlueDot BlueDot  | Connotea Connotea  | Mister-Wong Mister-Wong  | Social Bookmarking Reloaded Social Bookmarking Reloaded

Some of them I know to be outdated (Netscape) and others I assume are country-specific (Fai informazione), but some I’ve never heard of before! There must be people using them… because they obviously exist… but how many social networking sites does one person (or blog) need?!

Other things I’ve done have been “claiming” my blog on Technorati, which sort of makes sense so far. I signed up for StumbleUpon (still don’t really understand that one) and I don’t really get LinkedIn or Del.icio.us either. If anyone can shed some light on those, that’d be great.

I’m on Facebook the most often… and that is definitely a personal account but I use it for work too because FB doesn’t like duplicate accounts. I am now on Twitter, although I don’t really understand why it is fun for personal accounts. I can see how it would be excellent for events and news and all that. I’ve got Twitter for two of our projects at work because they’re community/arts/literary events.

To be dead honest, I’m starting to feel drained by Social Media. I was thinking after driving home after saying goodbyes to Ruth and her husband that I hadn’t done anything social-media-related all day and I felt such a big weight lifted off my shoulders. Maybe I get too worried about being “connected” or “in the loop”… but I don’t like getting left out. I know that blogging is a form of Social Networking… but it’s a lot more personalized than a 140-character limit for messages about what you’re doing.