Do you have a favorite tea source? Do you shop online or in a local store?

My favourite tea shop is in England and it’s called Whittard of Chelsea. This Tea-For-One set (pictured right) was purchased from there. I absolutely love their fine bone china. One day I plan to get a whole set from there for my own dining/serving pleasure. But for now, I just make the occasional purchase.

I did get quite the scare this Christmas… with the recession, Whittard almost went out of business! I had made plans to buy my tea set immediately if that happened, but fortunately they were bought out by a bank. *phewf*

Tetley is my everyday staple. I just really enjoy it. I do like other black teas, I have bought teas from Whittards before, and The Secret Garden in Kerrisdale (an area here in Vancouver) is very luxurious. Also Steeps, The Granville Island Tea Company, and Murchies are all local too. They are great resources, but I don’t go through enough loose/special teas to warrent a lot of visits, although Steeps is a sit-down tea shop too.