hotteamonth_smbtnDescribe your perfect cuppa’ hot tea. If you’re like me and it depends, share as many different scenarios as you care to.

Sitting here with my cup of tea as I type, my perfect cuppa is anytime anywhere. I like my tea in a mug that is dainty to medium-sized and everywhere in between. I don’t like really thick mugs because I tend to spill and it just doesn’t fit my mouth-sipping situation very well. I don’t like tall latte mugs because the tea gets cold before I can drink it all! I do like larger mugs as long as they aren’t too thick. I also like patterned mugs. I have mugs of all varieties and styles: snowmen, Pooh Bear, companies I support, London Underground, the list goes on! Each one is special and I like the memories associated with each.

This is my Nightmare Before Christmas mug that CW gave me our second Christmas together (2006/07).

I take my tea with one (or even a bit less) sugar and a generous glug of 1% milk. I usually use a Tetley tea bag just for convenience, but I like other blends too. I am mostly a black tea drinker and while sometimes I’ll go to the trouble to make loose leaf, I really do prefer a tea bag for that one-cup ease.

A cup of tea is great to share, great for after a meal, great for an afternoon warmth. Really, there are too many scenarios to describe and I’ll just finish by saying that if you’re ever in the neighbourhood, I would love to have a cup of tea with you!

P.S. Do you like the button Chan got me to make with Ruth‘s lovely photo?