If your cat or dog is like my Henry, his (or her) fur accumilates wherever they decide to bed down often. For me, that’s my bed, beside my head.


And for the longest while, I just put a blanket down for him which I washed when it was necessary. As you can see, I use a twin duvet so Henry literally has half the double bed. As my duvet cover (strangely…) got furrier and furrier I decided to sew Henry something a little squishier to sleep on. So I went to Dressew, my land of sewing goodness, and picked out a fuzzy, durable fabric I thought he’d like. I chose something in a colour that would hide his fur, should it accumilate.


I also picked up some cotton batting, but if you have a spare flat-ish pillow, or something of the cushiony-sort that you’d like to make use of, that would work too. I lay out the cotton batting and just quickly covered it with some leftover fabric to contain it.

blanketpad2 blanketpad3

Then all I needed to do was put a zipper into the yellow fabric so that I could remove it and wash it whenever I wanted/needed! (That’s one thing I’ve never understood about dog beds… how do you wash them? You’d need a steam cleaner for some of those really big ones!) Then you give the lovely gift to your fur-baby to test out:

100% Approved.

Happy Whiskers on Wednesday!!