Since “Inspiration” is (or should) the theme this week … what is your reading inspired by?

This is such a fantastic question, but I’m a little ashamed of my answer. I’m heavily influenced by media, rave reviews, and recommendations. It’s not that embarrassing as it can be a great way to get book suggestions; however, I used to just go to the library/bookstore and pick what looked interesting. Nowadays I am wary of wasting my time and money on something that doesn’t bring enjoyment.

In the past year or so, as I’ve gotten more involved in the book blogging and publishing communities, I have found I’m reading more popular fiction. Because of the line of work I’ve gotten into, I’m being exposed to more local British Columbia and Canadian authors. This is absolutely fantastic actually. There are a number of books I hear about in the book blogging community that just don’t tickle my fancy, and I do use my personal judgement when it comes to reviews and media attention. I guess I’m just not finding as many “unknown gems” as I used to.

On the flip side, my reading is inspired by the stories, the journey, and the love of words. When I read an extremely well written book, I always feel inspired to write my own hidden novel. My reading is inspired by books; as soon as I finish a story, I’m already considering what I want to read next. I tend to enjoy variety (unless it’s a series), so if I read a fantasy novel, the next novel I choose might be something historical.

I could go on and on and on about reading inspirations and inspirations to read… but I have to get back to work. This has been a long bathroom break. ;)