This past summer, my sister took a class through the Richmond Weavers & Spinners Guild. The course was taught by Linda Montague, who is the Guild’s representative and also coordinates the fibre arts portion of the Surrey Art Gallery. As I mentioned in my yarn shopping post, my sister Bonnie is taking another course by Linda in Richmond (side-by-side to Vancouver).

Bonnie was flattered to hear everyone wanted to see her project, so I asked her if I could take photos and blog about her sampler project from the summer. Here are some photos and details of what I learned.


It is a 4-shaft loom set for plain weave with twill variations, also known as “The Sampler”.


The yarn is nothing special and kind of itchy, just whatever was available at the class. This wasn’t something they purchased wool for.


But I must say, it makes a neat finished product!



This is her favourite weave, an alternating plain & twill, which she selected for her first project!


This one is my favourite (left) because of the stripey-diagonal goodness. And the one on the far right is a plain weave.


This is my other favourite weave! Probably because I can’t knit that!