I believe Chan is planning a second round of the Knitter’s Tea Swap… but for now, Chan isn’t planning a second round of the swap due to time constraints… but in honour of January being Hot Tea Month, she’s started some tea talk. There is a different topic of conversation for each week in January. Please consider joining in if you feel so inclined! Sign the Mister Linky on the Knit One Tea Too blog.

  • January 1 – 7: Share your favorite hot tea memories with me. Who introduced you to hot tea?
  • January 8 – 14: Describe your perfect cuppa’ hot tea. If you’re like me and it depends, share as many different scenarios as you care to.
  • January 15 – 21: Do you have a favorite tea source? Do you shop online or in a local store?
  • January 22 – 31: Please share a favorite tea snack, especially if it is a treasured recipe!