Here are some photos I snapped over the past couple weeks of Henry. For the most part I know he’s a happy cat, he has food, water, love, and many soft places to sleep. However he has this really weird pose with his top half and head over the edge of the bed… and I can’t tell if he’s relaxed or forlorn. Maybe you guys can lend some insight.

This is where he sits while looking out the window, which he loves to do, so it confuses me that he looks kind of sad.

This is him sleeping… but with the duvet piled up so much you can’t really tell that he’s halfway off the bed.

And here he is sleeping on the heating pad (he loves it when I just put it on low). This one he looked like he was going to fall off the bed!

There is probably no reason to be worried, and I’m not really. It’s just that I could understand this pose while he’s looking out the window (nearly parallel to the bed), but for example, the last one he’s just looking at the floor! Maybe he’s just a weirdo.