Dead Until Dark is the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. In short, it is an adventure/love story about a normal(ish) girl who can also read minds, and a vampire named Bill. Vampires have recently been declared as “acceptable” in normal society and a number of restaurants now keep synthetic-blood on premise for their new clients.

Sookie first meets Bill when she is at work waitressing and is immediately compelled by him. When girls who are notorious “fang-bangers” (people who like to have sex with vampires) start being murdered in this quiet town, suspicion turns to Bill. But when Sookie’s grandma is murdered, Bill and Sookie both believe it was meant to be her…

I had trouble getting into this book, as well as finishing it; however, the middle went really quick and I literally couldn’t put it down. My friend lent me her copy, as she has an addiction to Charlaine Harris’s series. As I mentioned, trouble getting into it, but once I was in… I was hooked. The middle (about page 50 onwards) flowed really well and the story was compelling, easy to follow, unique, and you wanted to know more about the situation.

While I feel that the whole “vampire” genre is being a little exploited right now, this is not for children! There are definite adult scenes with Bill and Sookie. What I do like that is different is that vampires are being accepted into society at the moment, instead of being outcasts. This twist provides a very fresh view to the “forbidden” quality of Sookie and Bill’s relationship.

Not much else to say but it’s a quick and easy read. Interesting and the adult scenes are Harlequin-worthy. I’d recommend it if you’re into the vampire genre and want something a little more polished and mature than the Twilight series. (hint hint nudge nudge Michelle). Or you could just watch the HBO series True Blood, based on the books by Charlaine Harris.