deweyskallg1 I am joining Dewey’s Knit-Along (in memory of Dewey) and hosted by Robin. It’s one of the mini-challenges that Robin concocted for Dewey’s Book Challenge, but you can join in the knit-along without doing the reading challenge. I’m terrible with reading challenges, but I thought I would tag my next Knitting Project as my Dewey Knit-Along item.

So, with the same yarn I used for my mom’s hat, I am knitting her a scarflette. More specifically, the Ribbed Mini-Scarf [ravlink] by Celeste Glassel. I figure that my mom already has some really fancy, pretty silk scarf/pashmina things for work, but she needs a more practical scarf to wear with her hat. Also, it’s not as big/long/time-consuming as a regular sized scarf.

P.S. I’m being booted out* of the house for Superbowl tomorrow so I hope to find a coffeeshop to sit, knit, and surf the net. * Note: but who really wants to be in a house with grown men yelling and belching and farting and smoking?