blogimprovement2009 Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness is hosting the 2009 Blog Improvement Project. I’ve offered to help out in any way I can with HTML/design related inquiries, but for the most part, it’s mainly a discussion and any changes you make will be of your own merit.

The first week’s topic is fairly straightforward: Setting Goals — What Is Your Blog For?

My blog is for my own personal record and expression. I love taking pictures, reading books, and participating in various hobbies. I’ve had a blog since 2001 and before that I kept a journal as a personal record of goings-on. Nowadays if I didn’t have my blog, I’d probably have several journals for knitting projects, reading records, and the like.

As for the direction that I want my blog to go, I want to keep writing posts of merit. I want the quality to prevail but keep a consistent level of blogging up. For my normal posting and traffic, the holidays were quiet but sometimes you need that kind of break.

I enjoy participating in weekly events and would like to join more challenges and “alongs” that don’t require too much of a commitment. I enjoy Booking Through Thursday and Whiskers on Wednesday which are both weekly-alongs. I really liked the ABC-along which was a photo-based meme. I would like to participate in more photography-based challenges.

I don’t think I’m going to sign up for any more reading or knitting challenges unless they are small. I tried the Fearless Knitting KAL (Knit-Along) in 2008 and failed miserably. In fact, I’ve decided I don’t like lace, and that was my “fearless” goal: to knit a stole/wrap. Also with the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge, I’ve just been plain distracted by all the good books! I have read lots of Canadian authors… but we had to set up our lists ahead of time. I prefer to read whatever strikes my fancy.

So in the long-term, I think that my blog is ultimately for me. However I would be interested in generating more traffic (in the form of comments — hint hint nudge nudge to all you lurkers) and I guess the best way to do that is to comment on other people’s blogs.