I never participated in Weekly Geeks, and I’m quite disappointed I never did. I often saw the blog posts floating around the book-blogging community, and they originated with Dewey. They were about everything from technology, magazines, books, online goals, all sorts of good stuff… and I just ran out of time in the day/week to participate.

But that stops now. I am participating in Weekly Geeks… for Dewey!

I had been emailing with Dewey just this past week about hosting a Bookworms Carnival, as I had recently submitted a couple of my posts for carnivals. Her carnival was about Graphic Novels and I submitted Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan.

I also leafed back through the Weekly Geeks posts, and #25 was about a gift-giving guide. Now, I can only recommend what I’ve read, but I decided to write a post over on Buy Books for the Holidays about it (as sort of a tribute there for Dewey too). It’s never too late to participate — go read my post!

Jackie & Dewey were planning the Top 10 Books in 2008… and voting recently opened. So go and vote for some books, in memory of Dewey, and for Jackie who “did 99.9% of the work”.