Grab a cuppa something warm and settle in by the dying fire with me and Henry. Here is the big news…

Friday it snowed a little in the morning. Nothing stuck downtown (it melted as soon as it touched anything) but we have a bit of a dusting last the day at home. Here is the photo from 5pm when I got home:


Tonight it started snowing in earnest! It’s a good thing my parents are already in Palm Springs. … But you don’t think they’ll cancel my flight for Monday do you?


Next item of business… knitting. On Thursday night I went knitting. We met up at the house of one of the members of The Vancouver Knitting Meetup. Very fun, nice and cosy — small group. But the good thing about a small group is that they can help you make decisions. Such as tassels, which we think work:


Third item of business… WiiFit. It is fun when played in a group. The first person stepped on and was registering their Mii, and the WiiFit got all upset when we switched people on it. “Your weight has changed drastically! Would you like to continue?” We were just hopping on and off, hula hooping, running, doing yoga and aerobics. It was hilarious but I don’t know if it would be quite as much fun alone. Here are some choice photos of the night.





Fourth item of business. I chose The Flying Troutmans to start reading. I’m hoping that it’s short enough that I can finish it before Monday and choose a new book at the airport, or just take one of my TBR paperbacks.

Now, off to do some laundry, maybe pack, and definitely finish my Take-Home Exam which is due… um… Monday… hehe.

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You get along well with others and people actually enjoy your company. You have probably been told that you always have a smile on your face.

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