In an effort to reduce the clutter in my bedroom and life prior to moving out, I am pledging to throw out 50 things. I’ll blog about it in stages as I go along and find things that I really don’t need anymore. And if I can find a better home for the items, I will donate them (i.e. old clothes, books, toys, magazines, etc.).

I’m sure that everyone can glance around whatever room they’re in, and see a few things that they don’t need/want anymore. Half-finished crafts, seven different types of wood glue, those chipped plates you’re saving “just in case”. So, if anyone would like to join in with me, please sign the Mister Linky!

ETA: Forgot to specify a “deadline”. Let do January 1st, 2009 — aim to start the new year with a little less clutter! And remember, if you can donate your items, please do! Your unused items may be someone else’s treasure/pleasure!

ETA2: Have a button!! (please remember to save to your own server)

[Challenge inspired by the title of Gail Blanke’s book: Throw Out 50 Things… however, I have not yet read it, so I don’t want to claim it is like the book… just that I was inspired by it.]