Those books I mentioned in Part 2 I tagged with BookCrossing IDs and then emailed the local hospital to inquire about donations. I live near 4 hospitals so hopefully they’ll be able to float around there for a while. Onwards and upwards I go!

18. I threw away seven re-recordable VHS tapes. I used to use them when I couldn’t get home in time to watch the new CSI or the new Gilmore Girls. Now I have discovered the joy of internet television.

19. I threw away over 20 old floppy discs. Thanks to Serena for jogging my memory that these have been collecting dust!

20 – 35. I got rid of over 20 CDs (but I’ll just count it for 15 items because I don’t recall the exact number). I have all this music loaded onto my computer, backed up on my iPod… so I don’t really need to keep the CDs. I was inspired by my boss at work; he has over 3,000 CDs and has been slowly ripping them to his new Mac. Then he brings the CDs into work to see if we’d like to rip any. Afterwards, he donates the CDs (in batches) to the Kettle, a local program to help those in need.


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