Okay… so here is my report so far on the Throw Out 50 Things Challenge! I decluttered some items in my life:

1. An old winter coat from 2003. I kept it because “it’s still good”, even though it doesn’t look good on me. I donated it to the local women’s shelter.

2. A pair of Airwalk sneakers. The ones that look like Converse… but are Airwalk. I got them at Payless for like $20 a few years ago and have only worn them maybe three times, because they give me blisters. Hopefully someone else will have better luck. Also off to the women’s shelter.

3. I’ve won a number of contests lately, resulting in literally boxes of books at my doorstep. Some of the books I was really interested in, others just don’t tickle my fancy. I let my sister, mom, and dad have a look at the ones I didn’t want. Then I registered them on BookCrossing to “release them into the wild”. We had a local BookCrossing Meetup tonight and I destashed seven books! I like to believe that someone out there will want to read these books more than me. [could count as 7 items… but lets not be greedy, they all went at the same time.]

4. Another pair of sneakers that I don’t wear anymore. They got dirty, grubby, and I replaced them… but kept them for some reason. They’re still good (no holes, etc.) so into the women’s shelter donations.

5. A while ago my office was recycling a flat screen monitor. It wasn’t any good for the office because it randomly turned pink and wiggled… but that is only annoying if you’re using it for 8 hours a day, everyday. However, my mom’s home computer (which I refurbished from my old computer) has an old CRT monitor (the reeally big ones). So I switched her monitors because she only goes on a couple times a month at home. My dad is taking the old CRT monitor to the electronic recycling place.

ETA: You do not have to make posts, or lists, or descriptions… this is just my way to keep track. YOU can do the challenge however it suits you!