[Grab a cup of tea/coffee, there’s some back story to this mail and Whiskers on Wednesday.]

Back during BBAW (Book Blogger Appreciation Week), I was contacted by Amy of My Friend Amy regarding making awards for the winners. Later, Trish of Hey Lady! Whatcha readin’? contacted me to make a Queen Blogger award for Amy, for all her hard work during BBAW.

Of course I was more than happy to pitch in! Then afterward, as a thanks, Trish & Amy sent me an Amazon gift certificate! It was completely unnecessary but I was quite thrilled! Thanks again ladies! P.S. please don’t think you’re obligated to send me gift certificates if I offer to make a graphic for you. A link/credit back to here is quite enough.

Well, Amazon certainly has quick shipping! I was interested in the books… but that’s not what Henry was sticking around for…

I chose The Queen’s Fool, The Virgin’s Lover, and The Constant Princess (to keep The Other Boleyn Girl and The Boleyn Inheritance company):

But Henry was more interested in the box aka neck scratcher:

… and then the camera:

*Yes, this title of this post IS grammatically correct. I learned WHY in Grammar Class (neeerd!). You always hear, “It’s ‘you and I’ because it’s impolite to say ‘me and you’.” However, both are correct! If you take out the other party in the sentence, does it still make sense? Example: “Mail for Henry and I” becomes “Mail for I” which sounds stupid. However, if I said “Henry and I got mail”, that sounds fine as “I got mail” not “Henry and me got mail” or “me got mail”. Just an interesting factoid.