So with the yarn from Calorimetry, I decided to try again to make something for myself. I need a scarf, I have a new coat (it is turquoise so purple matches), and I wanted something quick.

Thus, the YO-drop-stitch scarf was begun. Reeeeally easy, but I found the pattern on Ravelry. It’s so simple that I don’t really think a pattern is needed, but if you’d like to see where I found it, visit Curly Purly patterns (bottom of the page, free PDF).

I’m using both purples that I got at the Three Bags Full sale (holding them double stranded). I think holding them together gives a plain scarf pattern a lot more depth. I think that it’s giving the yarn a kind of heathered effect. Do you like it?

P.S. Look at the first picture. Does anyone know how to get my CO edge to stop rounding at the corners?