Deb, who runs Booking Through Thursday, is celebrating her birthday!! Happy Birthday Deb! It has inspired today’s question:

What, if any, memorable or special book have you ever gotten as a present? Birthday or otherwise. What made it so notable? The person who gave it? The book itself? The “gift aura?”

I’ve gotten a lot of books for my birthday, holidays, etc. They are always a huge part of our wish lists in our family. When we were kids my parents would suggest we put books, movies, and CDs that we were interested in (easy for Uncles and cousins), as well as one “big” gift from them.

However, I have to say that my favourite gift is a book I read when I was about 10 or 12 called “The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle“. I initially discovered this book in my Elementary School library and for my 16th birthday I asked for a copy. I absolutely love the story, and would definitely recommend it to all young girls because it has a strong female lead!