I met with some friends for a birthday-knit. I proposed that I would finish Calorimetry. Well that’s in the past seeing as what happened with Calorimetry. However, the birthday girl did teach me a new cast on method.

I used to do the “thumb” method — make a loop of yarn around my thumb and forefinger shaped like an L and slip it onto the needle. The thing I hated about this is the cast-on row was very loose and I would have to knit a ‘foundation row’ before anything else. Quite annoying.

So Julia taught me the “long-tail cast-on”. It’s fantastic! I just have to make sure I have enough ‘tail’.

Here is what I cast on about a month ago:

The pattern is the Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet [ravelry link]… and the yarn was a gift from Michelle. It’s making such a gorgeous knitted fabric. Take a closer look:

And *cough*cough* I’d like to point out my Ravelry WIP bars… they’ve been updated! Looking forward to more knitting content? I am!