Halloween is probably one of my favourite holidays. I love getting dressed up, I spend months thinking up a costume, and always start way ahead of time.

This year, I’m finally going to pull off being an Amy Brown-inspired fairy:

I lovelovelove Amy Brown‘s art, and I have for years. I’m designing, and sewing from scratch. I’m determined to make it amazing, and hopefully be able to wear it for Halloweens to come.

Here are my sketches based on several elements of Amy Brown’s fairies.

This is what I’ve done so far:

I have a store-bought plain bodice that I’m going to affix this to.

(Note: I reserve the right to dress up as other things! I just want this costume to be outstanding. One year I definitely want to be Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, I’m just not ready to dye my hair to red/brunette again yet.)

Various fabrics for the costume … I couldn’t get an acurate photo of my wings colour.

[The post’s title are lyrics from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas (song: This is Halloween). Is it weird I like to watch that at both Halloween and Christmas? P.S. I love Tim Burton!]