We had a fabulous time! We were a little late so I went down the parade route on my own. There were so many great costumes!

ETA: I totally forgot about the videos I took. (scroll down!)
ETA2: YouTube has been giving me a hard time!! I think the videos are fixed now.

Bad Bear and Good Bear (Adrian and Ginger — friends)

We had a bunch of carrots with us (and one rabbit disguised as a carrot)… and we met a tomatoe and a corn-on-the-cob at the parade! Had to take a Produce Photo!

No-Face from Spirited Away

Calvin & Hobbes (Rachel), Good Bear (Ginger), and I Do Believe in Fairies (Monica)

Marionette & Stilt-walker

My favourite house along the Parade Route

Jack and Sally

Fire Show (check out the video below!)

Me, Laura (Dead Girl), and Rachel (minus the Calvin, just the Hobbes)

from Pan’s Labyrinth