ETA: I found out that raisins/grapes are toxic to both dogs and cats. So we will no longer be feeding raisins to Henry, no matter how upset he gets. Apparently they can cause kidney failure. Fortunately Henry hasn’t been showing any of the common signs of kidney failure, so we think he’ll be fine… but no more raisins! For a list of foods toxic to dogs and cats, check here.

“What do you have?”

I feed my chinchilla, Chico, treats. He gets treats pretty much daily, from dried banana chips and nuts, to cucumber chunks and raisins. Well one day Henry, my cat, expressed interest in whatever it was that Chico was getting. So I gave him a raisin, thinking he’d sniff it, lick it, and abandon it. But no! He gobbled it right up. Now Henry gets upset if you give Chico raisins and he doesn’t get any.