Here’s the progress on my costume. My skirt is almost done:

(Sorry my dad isn’t the best photographer… he moves the camera too soon.)

But I did finish embellishing my store-bought wings! I like how they turned out. I did want to do it with glitter, but they’re actually strands of sequins. The hot glue gun is my costume savior! Anyway, as you can see, Henry needs to be a part of anything that happens on the floor (his territory)… it reminds me of Sissy when Chan is trying to take photos of her knitting!

I feel a lot more confident that it will be ready for tomorrow night! I can’t wait for Parade of the Lost Souls. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the neat stuff I helped out with in action.

Everyone gathers at 6:30pm, the Parade begins at 7pm through the neighbourhood, and then there is dancing in the street until 9:30pm. They’re doing some neat new digital stuff this year… between 6:30 Pacific Time and 9:30pm you can watch live streaming video from the Parade!