Everything went fantastic! There were a couple of hiccups that either couldn’t be avoided or weren’t our fault, but all very minor things. Wow! How do I sum up the day? Or really, the efforts of past several months?

My part: calling exhibitors, publishers, individuals, sponsors, businesses to set up exhibiting, appearances, donations, books and magazines, etc. As well as many other things around the office during production: organizing books, magazines, instructions, surveys, treasure hunts, book bags, tshirts… The list goes on and I was only one very minor person — most of the people I worked with did loads more than me! (Thank you everyone!)

But lets get to some of the good stuff.. here are photos before the festival:

FRIDAY: The shirts finally arrive

Trevor models a Youth Medium…

And we fold, organize, sort, and label them.

SATURDAY: Set-up on-site!

(aka leave us alone!)

Loading lots of stuff overnight

Over 1000 balloons

Attached to the tents…

Exhibitor booths,

Volunteer Checkin! (where I was most of Saturday and all morning Sunday)

Happy Volunteers!

More balloons on tents

We actually close the streets!

Ready and waiting…

Sponsors who helped us greatly!

SUNDAY: the big day On The Street!

Word PlaYce: The big wordsearch!

Word PlaYce: words on the street… literally!

Info / Merchandise booth!

Magazine Life Tent (new for this year!)

Silent Auction (we’re non-profit and rely on sponsors, donations, and fundraising!)

Artist for Crow Toes Quarterly Magazine — drew an excellent crowd!

Storytelling/Puppets for kids

Members of Circus Fungus! (and Word on the Street Staff)

Fin, the Canucks mascot, signing autographs for kids

Me (in blue) at the Mint Records booth with Nardwuar

Mainstage — C.R. Avery gathering quite a crowd!

Kids dancing to children’s musicial Chris Hamilton

WOTS staff after a hard days work… having a nice dinner!