This past week we moved my bedroom around. I’m still at my parents, and I’m also in school, so I’ll be here a while. Anyway, we swapped my beds because my dad is renovating the basement and the double bed needed a new home. My twin bed will be going into the furnished “suite” (aka our basement) whenever it is finished.

Not only was it an adjustment for me, it’s been an adjustment for Henry. It’s a good thing he’s such an easy-going cat. The only thing he misses is that my computer chair used to wheel over to the window for him to look out. Now, there isn’t enough space to move the chair there.

However, he seems to really enjoy having half the bed to himself instead of just a smidge before.

I put his blanket down because when CW is here, that’s CW’s side of the bed. Poor Henry gets booted out! You have no idea how hard it is to say no to this face:

Have a fabulous Whiskers on Wednesday everyone!