Tsk tsk… Chan reeled me in to this secret meme… and then Anita again before I could post my answers. You post all the answers, and then if people are curious enough to ask for the questions, they can only have them if they promise to play along too.


  1. Miss604
  2. (non-blogger)
  3. Princess Pea (England please…)
  4. Chelle
  5. Aunty Kathy
  6. Nannybird
  7. Michelle (too nice not too!)
  8. Jessi
  9. Chan (the enabler)
  10. OW from Overwhelmed with Joy! (Boo! Snuggle Bug!)
  11. Lezlie from Books & Border Collies (books!?)
  12. Jessi
  13. Amy aka My Friend Amy
  14. Serena
  15. Stephanie
  16. Rachel from The Times We Are Living In
  17. Cass
  18. Anita aka Yarn Demon
  19. Heather aka Domestic Extraordinare
  20. Katie of Knit Me to the End of Time
  21. Wendy aka Literary Feline
  22. Julia
  23. Trish
  24. Tanabana of In the Spring it is Dawn
  25. Ruth (aka ScrabbleQueen)
  26. The guys from Bookgasm
  27. Dewey
  28. … ;)
  29. Wendy aka Literary Feline (can’t get enough?)
  30. Think for yourselves, and let others enjoy the privilege of doing so too.