Wow, sorry for the sparseness around here! *tumble weed blows by* It has been busy in real life and therefore, the blog has suffered. Been doing lots of blog-worthy stuff, just had no time to blog about it!

Take for example Sunday — CW and I went to Grouse Mountain to visit the grizzlies, see the demos and shows, and go ziplining. It was an amazing day! You have to see it to believe it:

The view from the Skyride up the mountain. It’s the best way to get up the mountain, park at the base and head up!

The view of the Lions (mountains).

Carvings by a local who carves with a chainsaw!

The two orphaned grizzlies (Grinder and Coola) were found in 2001 in two different parts of BC (unrelated) and they were brought to Grouse Mountain to recover. Unfortunately they cannot be re-released into the wild ever again due to how comfortable they are with human contact, but they have been invaluable in the research done.

“Do I smell something?”

Wild black bears on the mountain side! A mamma and her baby. The hikers were so close to them, the Grouse Mountain staff were freaking out and yelling, “Head to your right! There are bears on the left!!”

Me with one of the grizzlies in the background.

(I could do without the woman beside me commenting)

Me & CW all geared up to go ziplining.

Basically your suit is a seat and you’re clipped into this roller on a wire. You have handlebars to hold, but when they release you, you go flying down the line. You can reach speeds of up to 50 km/h. We found that there weren’t enough lines… it felt like we were just getting started, and then it was over. There were only 3 lines and one was a slow “practice” one.

We went to see the Birds in Motion demonstration — it was all about “raptors” (birds of prey). Here is a barn owl. She was quite young, but so beautiful.


Turkey Vulture


Bald Eagle — it’s only about 2 years old. Bald Eagles don’t get their distinct “bald” coloured features until they’ve matured to approximately 5 years.

Also at the base of Grouse Mountain are three timberwolves. They are so adorable — they look like big, cuddly dogs. It’s great to watch them, and it’s really amazing how calm they are with all the humans around.