I almost didn’t pick up this book becasue both the title and cover were unappealing for a YA novel.* However, I’m really glad I did. For Now is an interestingly written first-person account (by Jes) of a “blended” family — divorce, remarriage, new baby, step-siblings. It also dips into friendships, relationships, and teenage issues such as sex, drugs, and drinking.

Jes (short for Jessica) is going into 11th grade when her mom remarries, and her new stepsister is the gorgeous girl who stole her best friend’s boyfriend. Jes decides to be optimistic, and forgiving, and open to her new “blended” family. However as things keep changing, she finds she doesn’t have to try as hard to be optimistic, she just is herself.

I feel like this book was picking up where another one left off — not the story line, I think that we got enough of the backstory to fill in any blanks — I’m talking about the character Jes. The novel almost reads like a diary, and it feels like we don’t really know much about Jes to begin with. I suppose you don’t really do “intros” in a diary, but I felt like I was missing who Jes was at the beginning.** Gayle Friesen (from Chilliwack, BC) wrote this really well, and the language, tone, and subjects feel like a 16-year-old.

Recommended read for teens and parents. Finalist: BC Book Prizes 2008.

*ETA: Looking at the cover now, after having read the book, I kinda like it. It suits Jes.

**ETA: For Now is the sequal to Losing Forever. I must say that it was nice not feeling completely lost in the book even though it was the sequel.

Full disclosure: I read a copy of the book that we received in the office. This situation did not affect my review in any way, shape or form.