During Book Blogger Appreciation Week, there were hundreds of giveaways and contests. Amy had publishers, bloggers, and many others all arranging various topics of conversation, interviews, and guest posts.

Upon suggestion, I’ve decided to play a bit of catch-up from all the great Daily Topics from BBAW! Technically there was no “official” daily topic… but there were certainly a lot of “question” contests. Here are some of the ones I wanted to take part in (just for answers).

[Monday] I Love These Bloggers!

Here are some of the book bloggers I already visit:

[Tuesday] You Know You’re a Book Addict When

… you can’t stop looking at books (bookstores, blogs, libraries, secondhand stores, friends’ houses, etc) even though your TBR pile is probably taller than you.

[Wednesday] My Blogging Tips

  • What is one thing you wish you knew about blogging when you started or what advice would you give a newbie blogger? To get comments, you must leave comments.
  • What is your best blogging tip? Balance your works with pictures. Text-heavy posts aren’t as much fun to look at as ones that are a good mixture.

[Thursday] What’s the Craziest Place You’ve Ever Read?

Some people wrote about reading in a public washroom (at their work) just to finish a book and cry in private. Others wrote about reading while walking, the movies, a ferris wheel, the shower!

Unfortunately I get motion sick, so I can’t read in the car, on the bus, train, while walking (anymore), and I can only barely read while flying on a plane. I suppose the oddest place I’ve read is sitting in the back of my closet as a kid. This was my “secret” spot where my parents couldn’t find me (although they probably knew I was there.)

Another crazy place to read is up a tree. I used to have this favourite tree I would climb with my backpack, and I would read, write, listen to music, and do my homework up in the tree.

[Friday] Some of the New Blogs I’ve Discovered:

Because of BBAW and the awards, I am now reading:

  • My Friend Amy (of course! The creator of the awards, and the Queen of Book Blogging

I was actually surprised how many of the blogs I already knew about. But due to the great big gush of book-love during BBAW… I am now reading more dedicatedly (before it was just glances when time allowed) the following blogs:

And here are some blogs I’m hoping to get a chance to read a bit more: