Last week I went to Bard on the Beach with my good friend Eka. I was really excited to go because 1.) I love Bard on the Beach and 2.) Eka would appreciate it with me!

We booked tickets to see Twelfth Night. I had originally booked to see The Tempest, but it sold out and Eka couldn’t get a ticket. However, by the first 10 minutes, I was so glad that we’d gone to see Twelfth Night. It’s a comedy and it was absolutely hilarious — very well done. The brilliance of Shakespeare is truely experienced live, not by just reading it, because so many of the jokes go with physical comedy too. Very well done.

If you ever get a chance to see any Shakespeare performances live, go for it! Don’t be put off by the language– iambic pentameter sounds natural when the actors have the correct emphasis and inflections.

Not a bad seat in the house… want some caramel popcorn?