1. CW coming to Canada in May!
  2. Getting a summer job (student position) that I loved and then getting hired by them because they liked me so much!
  3. Getting all my school stuff sorted to go to SFU’s Writing & Publishing Program
  4. Swimming on the weekends (with CW)
  5. Ziplining on Grouse Mountain
  6. Getting to spend an extra two weeks with CW because Zoom Airlines went bust and cancelled his flight.
  7. CW going to Alberta to see his Uncle even though our trip to Alberta had to be cancelled due to my working schedule. Also, this wouldn’t have happened if Zoom hadn’t cancelled his original flight — it was because he was able to stay a couple more weeks.
  8. Squishing with my Henry (sometimes it’s the simple things in life)
  9. Re-locating my Knitting Mojo (sort of)
  10. Awesome blogging mojo!