One of the things I really love about my summer job is the heritage building that we’re located in. I love history and heritage; and when I go to new cities I always enjoy exploring the historical sites. And it’s always great to play “tourist” in your own city. Here’s a little tour of the building I work in: The Dominion Building.

Here is the Dominion Building. Look at the top right hand corner. I drew a blue arrow to my window (it’s on the other side of the triangle-shaped building)

Dominion Building 1910

Deemed a Heritage Building by the City of Vancouver. If you keep your eyes peeled, you can see these plaques all over the city!

Just across the street from Victory Square — well known for homeless and druggies. / View from the office — unfortunately not my side of the office. I look out at other buildings and construction sites.

Great archival photo collage in the elevators

A photo of the Dominion Building being built in 1909.

“Tallest Building in the British Empire 1909”. Look at the gorgeous marble reflected on the sign. / What’s wrong with the elevator buttons? (answer at the bottom of the post).

Great heritage staircases! (Our office doors are visible in the background).

The Word on the Street — old artwork from a previous festival.

Did you catch what was wrong with the elevator buttons? There is no 13th floor! People were so superstitious that it was “bad luck” to have anything with the number 13, so the top floor, technically the 13th floor, is labelled the 14th!