Millie cannot decide how she feels about the water. She is so intrigued by it, and wants to go in… but won’t go in willingly. Also, the pool sides are far too high for her to climb out on her own so when she falls in, she freaks out and you have to hoist her up out of the water.

We think it might be that 1.) she can’t wade in because by the second step, she’d be in over her head; 2.) she can’t see very far down — we can tell by how stressed she gets when you dive under water. I wonder if she’d love the ocean or if she would be scared of the waves? She’d probably like a lake.

Either way, she loves pool toys and biting things and then running away and destroying them. One time she got a bit of a pool noodle and there were little pink bits of noodle all over the camp!