A few weeks ago when I joined Julia at the Steveston Knitting Meetup, one of the gals (Petra, psophia17 on Ravelry) brought these delicious blueberry crumble bars. They are to die for. She posted the recipe link on the Terminal City Yarn Wranglers Group (ravelry link… it’s the Lower Mainland group). So I nabbed it, planning to use my usual batch of blackberries from camp to make these crumble bars instead of the regular ol’ blackberry pie. (I always think the pie is too runny, everyone else likes it).

Here’s some photos of the blackberries this weekend. Unfortunately, due to the wet June over half of the blackberries were not ripe. And of the ones that were, a bunch were over ripe because of the wet August too.

Distracted by the gorgeous Percheron next door to the camp… and her little baby (who was born last summer).

My Our haul (I suppose the BF was helpful and deserves credit):

Mmmm Blackberry crumb bars!