For this week’s Whiskers on Wednesday, I decided to test Henry’s intelligence with a test I found online.

The total score for Henry is 16.

Cats scored an average of 3.6 for each test (total of 7 tests); Cats total average was 19.2, Ragdoll average was 22, Tabby average was 20.8.

I don’t know if I did it wrong, but here are some notes about Henry’s results:

Your cat appears to be right-handed. Right-handedness in humans is often associated with language ability and a logical mind. There is some evidence that right-handed animals can be better at remembering and using words, so maybe your cat understands more of your conversation than you had thought!

Your cat understands the way that horizontal objects relate to each other. This may not seem like much, but many animals have difficulty with this test. Pets that move about more in 3 dimensions should do better at this than those that move only on the ground.

Test Your Pet’s Intelligence (many variety of animals!)