This is my #1000th post. I’ve imported all the posts I have from my old blogs (and I’m missing several months actually). I’ve been blogging since about 2001 in various places: Deadjournal, Livejournal,, Sub-domain hosted twice, and now Monniblog.

So I’m hosting a contest to drum up some excitement, have some fun, and make some new blogging friends! Contest is running from today (July 5th) to July 24th at midnight my time (GMT-8). Then I will have the weekend to figure out the winners.

How to Enter

  1. Comment: The easiest way to get an entry is to leave a comment here… and mention which prize you want to be entered for (or just say “any” if you’d like any, or mention two of the categories… or three). In theory, you could be entered once in each category (maximum of 4 entries).
  2. Blog: Blog about my contest with a link to this post and you’ll get another three entries. (Make sure I get a pingback from your URL or leave a link to your specific post). You don’t need to tell people to say you sent them, you automatically get three extra entries for blogging!
  3. Bookmark my blog OR Subscribe to my RSS Feed: You will get an additional entry for every comment you leave on any other post from June & July 2008. If you’ve already commented somewhere — I’ll count them!
  4. Suggestion: Tell me how I can improve my blog or leave a link to something you think I should consider to improve my blog (giveaway, blog topic, weekly meme, challenge, contest, graphic, blogring, etc). P.S. Remember… I’m currently redesigning the blog as we speak so go easy on the design-in-progress. ;)
  5. Guess. Guess how many comments I will have by the time this contest ends (in total on the whole blog). The closest guess will win the Surprise Prize!

The not-so-fine print: This contest is open to all residents anywhere in the world with a valid address (no P.O. boxes please). You must be of legal age to receive the following prizes if/when you win.

The Prizes

(soon to be revealed in detail)

  • The Knitter-Friendly Prize
  • The Reader-Friendly Prize
  • The Pet-Friendly Prize
  • The Random Surprise Prize (for guessing comments total)