I’ve entered other people’s contests lately, so it’s time to give them all a shout out!

BookRoomReviews is having a Pay it Forward July contest for The Host by Stephenie Meyers and Mrs. Perfect by Jane Porter.

Bookshipper is yet another blog giving away five boxes of 14 books from Hachette Group!

Knitters & crocheters: Go visit Aunt Kathy’s Place as she is having weekly contests all this month. And there is a new entry each day with a unique way to enter!

AND! I’m helping Lex out at the Mini Book Expo posting book titles daily. Right now, alone, Lex is getting 2 – 3 books released while juggling her day job at Plethora Press & Cheap Eats Toronto. With myself and a couple others on board helping out, she’s hoping to release 6 – 8 daily from all different publishers

Also — Thanks to everyone who has entered my contest so far! Lots of time left, and lots of ways to enter. Remember, you also get extra entries for comments on other posts this month!